Bridal Hairstyle Attributes for Beautiful Hair

Wedding day! The day on which, every woman yearns to look their best while walking down the aisle. The overall look depends on how you get your hair styled, hence the importance of bridal hair. The attire, the face make-up and the hair job should be in sync with each other.

It is always better to book the hair and makeup artist well in advance so that you can the best professional available. The professional artists are the ones who would be able to give you the desired ravishing look on your d-day.

When all the eyes are rolled on towards you are the center of importance, then, of course, you would want to look like a diva. Today we are going to discuss a few aspects of the bridal hairstyle.

Why is it important to hire a professional hair artist?

Many brides feel that they are self-sufficient to get the hair and makeup work is done by themselves, but trust me it isn’t a fair thought. On the day of the wedding, a bride has to undergo many things and numerous thoughts just flash in your mind. A perfect job of art needs a calm mind and patience.

With all the stress tucked in the head, a bride wouldn’t be capable of doing a flawless job. The other reasons are:

  • The professionals are the best person to be contacted to improve the quality of your hair for your wedding day. If your hair lacks the zeal and shine, they would recommend some treatments which would help to beautify your hair.
  • After all, we are a layman in the field of makeup and beauty. The professionals are well-read and have in-depth knowledge. So they would come up with unique and trendy ideas of the bridal hair art.
  • Meeting the guests, sitting for rituals, the ongoing parties in the house keeps you busy all the time. This might get you late for the makeup. When you hire a professional, they come on time and get you ready.

Quick tips on how you could get the best hairdo

The following tips would help you to gain the best hairstyle on your wedding day.

  • Try to be yourself

By this statement, we meant, do not overdo your bridal hair. Some brides completely change their hair on the day of their wedding. We would suggest you to not do that. Stay true to yourself and get a hairstyle done that would complement your character and you don’t look unfamiliar to your groom.

  • Go for a trial

When you meet your hairstylist before the wedding, make sure you show them what you would be wearing. Also, try to get a trial hairstyle done on your hair, just to check if it goes well with your face cut and dress. The trial hairstyle can be a rough one, it doesn’t have to be the perfect one.

  • Start taking extra care of your hair

If you want long hair and are trying to grow them, make sure you visit the salon every six weeks at least to get a spa done. This will ensure that the roots of your hair are healthy. Chop off the split ends regularly. These will promote hair growth.

  • Get the haircut done much before the wedding

If your hair is short, getting a cut a week before the wedding would be a wise idea. This would keep the shape fresh. With long hair, it is advisable to get the haircut done within three weeks before the wedding because you would be able to get rid of messy ends if it happens to be there.

  • Plan the hair color job to be done earlier

If you want a hued hair look on the d-day, fix the appointment with the salon at least a couple of weeks before the wedding. It takes some time for the colors to settle down in your hair and bring out the vibrant look.

  • Accessorize well

Hair accessories are a trend these days. The glamorous statement pieces, exquisite floral wreaths, and the vintage brooches are sure to spark up your hairstyle. Go for the accessory that would match up to the jewelry that you would adorn.

  • Show some visual references to your hairstylist

To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, show some photos of how exactly you want your hair to look like. When you just tell them, they might not perceive it correctly, and an error might happen. Few photos should be able to restrict the miscommunications between you and your stylist.

  • Keep a wedding hair kit ready for an emergency

Get a list of the hair products that your hairstylist is using to do your wedding hairstyle and get a travel size pack of the same products handy. The products and touch-ups would help you at the panic moment when your hairstylist is not around. Even if it is not required, still keeping a small pack of few bobby pins, hairbrush, hair ties, and hairspray would not harm.

Factors which influence your bridal hairstyle

There are different aspects which you should consider while choosing your hairstyle. They are:

  • Face cut – All types of hairstyle doesn’t suit every face. For a round face, your hairstyle should be such that would increase the volume of your hair and your face would look a little slimmer. On the other hand, the person who has an elongated face cut should choose a flat hairstyle so that your face doesn’t look longer.
  • Length of your hair – Hairstyles also depend on the length of your hair. For brides with long hair, it is easier to go for any hairstyle. For the ones with short hair, hair extensions are an easy option. The extensions increase your length and you are quite often able to perform the desired hairstyle.
  • Texture and volume of your hair – You can fall in love with a unique hairstyle given in a fashion magazine, however, it might turn out that your hair isn’t thick enough to get the style done. Your wedding hairstyle would depend on the texture and quality of your hair. Talk to your stylist in advance regarding the style you want and the quality of your hair.
  • Your attire – Your hairstyle should complement your dress so that both of them go together to create the magical look for you. If you are choosing a simple outfit, opt for a dramatic hairstyle and if your dress is a gorgeous one, choose a subtle hairdo like a braid or a side pony.
  • The weather – If your wedding date is in the winter months, go for the stunning cascading curls. However, if you get married in the summer months go for an updo. If you consider an up-do, you wouldn’t have to worry about the curls falling out and sticking to your back on a hot and humid climate.
  • Wearing the veil or no veil – Hairstyle would also vary on the factor whether you are wearing a veil or not. If you are wearing a veil, get a sturdy style done on your hair so that it doesn’t loosen up and holds on to your veil well. A low bun which is well clipped can do wonders.

This little information would surely help you to complete your task list for the wedding hair episode. Just try to plan everything well in advance to avoid last-minute chaos.

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