Everything To Know About GTA V Roleplay

Grand Theft Auto V roleplay servers have returned to popularity on Twitch thanks to a number of top streamers returning to the game. What is the real deal? Here’s the scoop.

This multiplayer mode is different than the standard GTA Online mode. It allows players to create their own stories and have an impact on how Los Santos and its residents, both players, and NPCs.

It can be confusing to those who are not familiar with the area. Here’s all you need to know about GTA V RP.

GTA V RP allows players to create any story they like.

What is GTA V RP and what are its implications?

GTA V roleplay for PC is a multiplayer mod that allows players to jump into RP servers created by users. This makes it easier to get involved in Grand Theft Auto V. They take on the appearance of a normal NPC which can be customized in a variety of ways.

The server determines the level of roleplay. Servers that are strictly roleplaying are known for their hardcore nature. This means that players may not follow the rules when they ask for help with accessing game menus or the button that corresponds with an action.

Lirik was a key player in the growth of the mod.

Is it possible to play?

Anybody can play the game with a copy on their PC, but it’s quite different from the usual multiplayer mode in Rockstar’s immensely popular title.

GTA RP, as we said, is a multiplayer roleplay mods that can only be accessed through modified clients such as FiveM or Grand Theft Multiplayer. You can then join an RP server.

Some communities may require invites – players who prove themselves to be talented roleplayers gain this invitation. You will be required to play on a prove your self server. However, once you have proven yourself, you can get fast-tracked into the major leagues.

How do I join a GTA V RP Server?

It is easy to join a server. There are only a few servers that are open, but they can be as wild as the wild west. Everyone wants to join the high-level, whitelist RP servers. These servers require invitations. Sign up for their website or forum and then join them in GTA V.

NoPixel runs one of the most popular GTA V server roleplay servers. Due to a large number of players, they have been closed to new applications and remain closed until you become a donor. It could take as long as a month for you to gain access, even if that happens.

You’ve also got the likes of TwitchRP, Mafia World, and SSB. These servers are still very difficult to access, as they are high-level. However, you can prove your skills as an RP player (i.e. You should quickly move up the ladder if you are able to keep your character intact and not ruin it for others.

It is not always easy to gain access to a GTA VRP server.

Who is GTA RP on NoPixel

While a few streamers have recently returned to the mod, a dedicated community has been there since 2017 when the game’s popularity spiked.

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar is someone who will drop in and out of GTA RP from time to time, depending on what game he’s feeling at the time. Same as Saqib ‘Lirik’ Zahid who also been known to dabble in the mod with his Avon Barksdale character – taking inspiration from the critically acclaimed TV series, The Wire.

The full list of players is extensive and it’s not surprising to see Felix xQc Lengyel rob a bank in front 150,000 viewers. Here are the top streamers and most memorable characters on NoPixel.

  • Charles Johnson/John Charelston Summit1g
  • Bavon Barksdale/Avon Barksdale – Lirik
  • Jean ‘X’ Paul/Pierre Paul – xQc
  • Lang Buddha – Buddha
  • Yuno Sukk – Sykkuno
  • Tony Corleone – AnthonyZ
  • Denzel Williams/Jon Divine – JonTheBroski
  • Nino Chavez – DasMehdi
  • Dean Watson – DWJFT
  • Leslie Lingberg – Nidas
  • Eddie Marshall/Jim Underwood – GTA WiseGuy
  • Siz Fulker/Barry Briddle – UberHaxorNova
  • Johnny Silverhand/Sasuke Johnson – Burn
  • Harry Brown – Harry
  • Bjorn – Biotoxz_
  • Vigors – Yeager Demonblood
  • Fingle Dan – Thechief1114
  • Fuslie April Fooze
  • Jay Que – KristofferYee
  • Ash Ketchup – Ash_on_Lol
  • Riley Carter – MSTeamKK
  • Kyle Pred – Kyle
  • Carmella Corset – Carmen
  • Randy Bullet – RatedEpicz
  • Ramee El Rahman – Ramee
  • Mr Kebun – Lord Kebun
  • Uchiha Jones – Cyr
  • Abdul – AbdulHD
  • Claire Seducer/Tyme Reducer – bananabrea
  • Brittany Angel/Mary Mushkin KylieBitkin
  • Randy Wrangler/Mike Block/Jimmy Gamba – PENTA
  • TJ Mack/Gomer Timmac
  • Ellie Dono – Sodakite
  • Tommy Tate – Zerkaa
  • Irwin Dundee/Crocodile Steve- Whippy
  • Lenny Hawk/Ro Block/Yung Dab – MOONMOON
  • Freddy Price – MrMoonsHouse
  • Amon Gus Disguised Toast
  • Ray Mond – Valkyrae

The best GTA RP servers you can join

NoPixel may be the largest server, but there are many other servers that you can access, many of which are accessible through FiveM or Rage.

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