Greatest Smelling Candles To Buy Right Now

If you’ve been putting off scheduling a return trip to your favorite vacation spot (or if you’ve already planned one but are stuck at home), now is the time to make your home smell like a vacation. These candles can bring all of that relaxing vacation spirit into your house, whether you’re dreaming of lounging in a beach chair in the Caribbean Islands, having terrible cruise withdrawals, or wishing you were hiking through a national park right now. We’ve picked together nine of the greatest scented candles to remind you of your favorite spots across the world while you’re working or relaxing.

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Voluspa (French Lavender)

This candle, inspired by the lavender fields of Provence, France, will take you to Europe—the powerful aroma evokes the purple fields in full bloom (which happens from June to August, for those taking note). The candle, which has a 100-hour burn period and notes of Cade Wood, a native branch of France, recalls a fresh, natural aroma that will have you saying “Oui” to planning a transatlantic flight as soon as possible.

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Fern + Moss Gold Travel Candle

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, this candle is a must-try. This outdoorsy candle is scented with natural sage, lavandin (a hybrid of two types of lavender plants), orange essential oils, sage, lavender, spruce, and pine, and is inspired by the fragrances of Fern Canyon in Northern California’s Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. It also comes in a travel size, so you can take the woodsy aroma with you wherever you go.

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If you prefer city travel, EDITION Hotel’s trademark smell can be one of the best scented candles for you: it’ll transport you to your most recent luxury city visit. EDITION is well-known for its metropolitan hotels, with locations in New York City, West Hollywood, and Miami Beach, as well as global properties in Barcelona, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. Black tea is the main component in their trademark scent, which is complemented by undertones of citrus, smoke, chocolate, pepper, and flowers. It’s poured into a sleek black cup that will stand out on your coffee table and bring the elegant atmosphere of an EDITION stay into your own home.

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Amalfi Lemon & Mint Nest

If you’ve ever visited the Amalfi Coast in Italy, you’ll know where this distinct aroma comes from. The drink of choice in this stretch of Mediterranean seaside villages is limoncello, and Nest’s candle combines the area’s characteristic lemon scent with touches of mint. The candle’s fresh summer scent will transport you to a sun-drenched holiday in Positano.

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10 Straight Wharf by Serena & Lily

This relaxing beachy smell is reminiscent of a Saturday morning walk down the Maine shoreline and is part of Serena & Lily’s “We Took to the Coast” candle collection. This soy wax candle will settle your nerves and allow you to wallow in seaside tranquility from the comfort of your own home, with floral hints to complement the salt air scent. Bonus: The beach candle with the finest scent lasts more than 50 hours., $48, now available.

Japanese Quince Pagoda Candle by Seda France

This glass jar candle’s package is almost too lovely to open: The candle comes in a traditional pagoda with a tassel and is scented with rhubarb, white peach, passion fruit, and white jasmine petals. You might find yourself daydreaming about gardens in Japan in early spring, when flowers like quince are in full bloom, while the sounds travel through your home.

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Sea and Mer: Voyager

This fresh perfume is reminiscent of the ocean wind that greets you as you step out onto your cruise ship stateroom balcony first thing in the morning. Like you’re sailing the high seas, the seawater perfume features traces of black pepper, tangerine, citrus blooms, and oak moss. The candle, which is part of Mer & Sea’s new Summer Stripes Collection, is poured in a ceramic jar with a hand-stitched ribbon and smells as good as it looks. If you can’t get down to the dock with your beach bag, bring this to your coffee table and daydream about salty air. has it for $44.

Club Med x Homesick: Archipelago

Homesick is one of the best candle brands for transferring you to a specific location: all of its candles smell like cities, states, or parks, and their latest partnership with Club Med is no exception—this time, the scents are meant to take you to a holiday rather than home. The Archipelago is one of four scents produced for Club Med’s all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, Michès Playa Esmeralda. It smells like you’re sitting on a chair on the resort’s own beach, with notes of fresh water, sea wind, citron with hints of flowers, and pine needles.

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Yellowstone Candle Company, Elsewhere

Elsewhere Candle Company, which specializes in candles that smell like national parks, creates scents that will make you wish you were hiking through some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes. The Yellowstone candle will transport you to Wyoming (or bits of land in Idaho or Montana) and remind you of the crisp evergreen aroma of one of the world’s most famous regions, complete with forests, geysers, and canyons. An added perk is that 5% of every candle sales benefit the National Park Foundation.

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Folly Beach Candle

This candle, hand-poured in Charleston, South Carolina, will transport you back to childhood memories of building sandcastles on a family vacation to Folly Beach. The island city is famed for its surfing, fishing pier, and views of the Morris Island Lighthouse, which is only 11 miles south of the city. The candle gives off an ocean-like scent while burning, with notes of lemon, green leaves, jasmine, lilac, orange flower, Tonka bean, and amber thrown in for good measure.

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