How To Find The Best Unpolstered Bed?

Why choose an upholstered or fabric bed?

  • Your room can feel luxurious with a lavishly upholstered bed
  • You can find a variety of fabrics for upholstered beds that will work well in either a traditional or modern design scheme.
  • A upholstered bed can add colour to your space while keeping the rest of your decor neutral.
  • When you are laying down, upholstered headboards provide support for your back.
  • Upholstered beds are a stylish and practical addition to any bedroom.

What styles and designs are there?

Upholstered beds are a beautiful choice because they can be made in many different styles and colours.

Tips to create a modern upholstered wingback bed,, for your bedroom

  • Straight lines are best for creating a minimalist look.
  • The modern look of low footboard ends can make the space feel larger and more spacious.
  • Bold colours can make a bold statement and have an impact.
  • You can even incorporate a TV or ottoman storage into your bed design for a modern solution.

Tips to create a classic look

Older properties are often more suitable for a classical style.

  • You might consider sleigh beds with sweeping curves, which create a softer look.
  • Choose neutral fabrics that are easy to coordinate.
  • You can opt for a buttoned headboard if you want more detail and interest.

Tips to create a timeless transitional design

This style of bed doesn’t have to be traditional or modern. It can be both. We recommend this if you are looking for something in between.

  • While it is very trendy, this Chesterfield-inspired design also includes traditional buttoning detail or tufting. When combined with a modern fabric, it can make a beautiful focal point in your bedroom.
  • Similar to traditional and modern design, a winged-back backed bed can be used to bridge the gap.

What are the key points to remember when purchasing an Upholstered Bed?

While we have talked about style and design, there are practical considerations that should be taken into account when choosing the right bed for you.

  • What is the size of my bedroom? Different types of beds take up different amounts of space. Sleigh beds with scrolled headboards and feet will take up more space than beds with straight headboards.
  • Are you looking for storage? Consider what kind of storage you want. There are two basic options: drawers and an ottoman base system. This allows the entire bed to be raised using gas pistons, usually to reveal large storage areas. This option is worth considering. Some beds will lift from the sides, while others will lift from the foot end.
  • What depth is the mattress that I will use for my upholstered bed? Consider a higher headboard if your mattress is very deep. You may also need a lower headboard depending on how many pillows are on your bed.
  • What height are you? It is often found that taller people prefer a design without a footboard. This allows for more space and less restriction.
  • Do you want to increase the sense of space in your bedroom? A bedroom with a low footend is a good choice to increase the sense of space.

Many retailers offer a sample option. You can feel and touch the fabric before you order your bed. This is a great way to match the fabric with your decor and other furnishings.

What are the color trends in upholstered beds?

Grey and grey shades are the most popular colours in upholstered beds. Grey is a popular choice because it is easy to coordinate with other home furnishings, and is less likely than light colors to show marks.

Natural shades are the next most popular colour, and they are versatile and easy-to-coordinate.

You might be looking for something more adventurous? Then, pinks, blues, greens and ochre are all new colors that are growing in popularity.

Faux Leather- Leather looks sleek and is easy to clean. It is soft to touch and doesn’t crack or fade easily.

Chenille- unique in its style and feel, the chenille fabric is a soft fabric. This luxurious fabric is durable but soft to the touch.

Velvet- A velvet upholstered bed gives your room an elegant look. Velvet can be described as a short-piled, woven fabric. You can make it from synthetic or natural fibers.

Glitz- A member of the velvet family. Glitz fabric has a crushed velvet appearance. This fabric is made by crushing and twisting the material while it’s still wet. It then has a pattern appearance.

Textured/Woven fabrics – A woven fabric is one that has two or more threads interlaced at right angles to each other. This creates a strong fabric. There are many colors and shades available in woven fabrics.


In what sizes are upholstered beds available?

Time4Sleep offers ottoman storage beds in single, compact, double, super king and double sizes.

How do I determine the dimensions of the Upholstered bed that I am interested?

There will be a section on dimensions under each bed description. You can call our friendly sales advisors if you are unable to find the information that you require.

Is it possible to install a DVD player, or games console in my Upholstered TV bed?

Many models include a small compartment that can hold DVD players and games consoles. To connect, run cables from the compartment under the bed to the Upholstered area.

How can I clean my Upholstered Bed?

You can clean all fabrics with a dry cloth, or the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You can wipe any spilled liquids on fabric with a dry cloth or the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. However, for the best results cleaning upholstered beds we recommend hiring a professional cleaning service. You should not use abrasive products or cloths to clean your upholstered bed.

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