Innovative Healthcare Solution

The healthcare sector in Pakistan has seen significant progress over the past few years. While we cannot guarantee that everything will go according to plan, the general trend is toward betterment.

Pakistan and healthcare services don’t usually go hand in hand. The lack of facilities in Pakistan and the poor professionalism of those who deliver services have both contributed to Pakistan’s healthcare sector lacking gleam. We can see that there were many cases of fatal, easily curable diseases and disorders in the 20th century. People relied on Tibbs for healthcare because the facilities were not up-to-date. The local chemists did not work in sync with the healthcare sector’s needs.

The government could not provide sufficient financing for the health sector. This was a major disadvantage.

Pakistan is currently the sixth-most populous country in the globe. It also has one of the fastest growing populations. This makes it a critical need for all Pakistanis to manage their existing healthcare resources. The healthcare sector in Pakistan has seen significant progress over the last few years. While not everything is going according to plan, the general trend is leading us towards the advancement. Many healthcare institutions (HCEs), in Pakistan, are research-based. They use high-tech biochemical methods and biotechnological techniques to evaluate the efficacy of different therapeutic drugs and treatment options being implemented in Pakistan. The government has played an important role in the development of the healthcare sector. The latest methods of vaccine, surgery, cancer treatment, organ transplant, and lab analysis have greatly assisted Pakistan in reducing mortality and increasing life expectancy. These developments have definitely added gleam to Pakistan’s healthcare sector.

The twenty-first century is moving towards digitization and automation. Everyone prefers digitalization, from business to entertainment. These are the reasons why digitalization has been adopted by the global healthcare sector. A similar approach is being taken in Pakistan, taking a cue from the developed sector. The service “Healthcare Pakistan – One Stop Healthcare Marketplace” was created to help the people of Pakistan. This Portal is designed to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. It will change the way doctors and patients interact with one another. healthcare logistics companies

To approach a doctor, the patient must first visit multiple hospitals to see if they have any problems. Next, call hospitals and clinics to schedule appointments. Then ask their family or friends about their experience with each doctor. Finally, decide which doctor is best for them. Once the patient has made a decision, he or she will book an appointment. The patient would then wait until the time when the doctor is available to see him. He finally arrives at the hospital, and waits patiently for his turn. However, the doctor has not yet arrived, so the appointment is rescheduled.

“Healthcare Pakistan”, a modern healthcare marketplace, was created to address these issues and improve healthcare experiences in Pakistan. The site has a list of doctors that are verified and is accessible to all patients. Patients can browse the platform to find doctors close to them. To see each doctor’s profile, he can view his certifications, experience and read reviews from patients. With a click, he can make a decision and book an appointment.

A notification is sent to the doctor when an appointment has been confirmed. The doctor can cancel any appointments for a specific day by pressing a button if he is unable to attend the hospital. This saves both time and energy.

Patients can also post documents and diagnoses on the “Healthcare Pakistan” platform before they meet with a consultant. Consultants can also use Healthcare Pakistan to market themselves and maintain their profiles. This will help them gain more patients. For interested readers, doctors will also publish videos and health blogs to help them learn the latest medical news. The “Healthcare Pakistan” portal uses a complete healthcare information management system (HIMS), called “ClinicConnect”. Softech Systems Private Limited, a leader in eHealth and Fintech solutions development in Pakistan, developed ClinicConnect.

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