The best star projectors and home planetariums for 2021

It’s a joy to stand under a dark sky and look up at the stars above. However, it’s not always possible for everyone to go out and view every night through a telescope.

Star projectors or planetariums are great home decor items for those nights when you don’t have the chance to go out. They can transform any room into a beautiful night sky and give new meaning to the phrase ‘home observatory’.

These star projectors can show you the brightest stars in the night sky. This will help you to navigate the constellations and then take you off to hunt for dark skies.

Maybe you are unable to see the stars anymore or want a gift that is space-themed for your kids. Perhaps you just want to drift off to sleep with a soothing light show.

No matter what you are looking for, there is a star projector that will suit your needs.

Home planetariums are created by shining light through a slide and then using a lens to focus the light on your walls.

All of these slides are intended to replicate the constellations. They can also be rotated manually or automatically to display different views.

You can adjust the focus and angle to fit your space. These projectors have a subtle lighting effect and are best displayed in darkened rooms.

These are just six options on the market. You can make your planetarium projector by reading our guide.

6-star projectors, home planetariums, and home-planetariums

1 Sega Toys Homestar Flux

The SEGA Toys Homestar Flux can show 60,000 stars and includes two slide discs that depict the constellations in the northern and Southern hemispheres.

Additional 30 discs in full color are also available. They show the Milky Way as well as the planets and the Andromeda Galaxy.

To protect the slides’ color integrity, the 5-watt bulb emits white light.

The motor that rotates your view is quiet so you can use it to help you fall asleep. Once you’re done, the adjustable timer will turn the best galaxy projector off for you.

2 National Geographic Astro Planetarium

You can not only watch the star show but you can also listen to it because the National Geographic Astro Planetarium includes a speaker.

You can either play the FM radio built into the device or connect to a digital music player for background music.

Two slides are included with the device: one showing the night sky with annotations and one showing it without.

You can adjust the view by using dials that set the date and time. You can also adjust the speed at which the night sky rotates. To add meteors to the view, select shooting Star mode.

3 Omegon Star Theatre Pro Planetarium

The Omegon Star Theatre can focus from distances as small as 15cm up to 6.8m. This means it can create sharp images in any room.

Even dimmest stars can be seen through the LED projection.

Two slide discs are included with the Star Theatre. The first shows the Milky Way, surrounded by 10,000 stars.

The second disc contains Earth and the Moon. The Sun is featured on the third disc. You can also purchase additional discs that feature galaxies, the nebulae, and depictions of the Solar System.

4 Science Kidz Star Projector

The Science Kidz Star Projector shows 10,000 stars visible in the northern hemisphere including dense bands of the Milky Way.

The device is powered by 4xAA batteries. This helps keep the noise down if it’s being used to relax. Also, the timer will turn off after 30 minutes to ensure that you don’t run out of battery.

It includes two slides from the northern hemisphere, one showing constellation lines and one without.

To get the best view, you can move the view of the night skies by hand. You can adjust the focus, rotation, and projection angle of the image.

The projector comes with a complimentary CD of CyberSky5 astronomy software.

5 Popular Science Star Lamp Projector

This is a star projector, despite its odd appearance!

This projector is a kit that promotes STEAM learning. It requires you to assemble the electronic components, as well as the shade and stand (requires Philip’s head screwdriver).

The lamp is assembled in the form of a black Dodecahedron. Its sides are punched with 2000 holes that correspond to the constellations.

These are then illuminated by the central lamp, which casts the images of the constellations onto your walls.

6 Universe2Go

This device creates a virtual planetarium from your smartphone, rather than turning your whole room into one.

To see the sky in 3D, download the app and then insert it into your Universe2Go headset.

Universe2Go can be used in two ways. You can either remove the window cover and see the constellation lines as well as information projected onto the real night sky.


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