What Is MMR In League Of Legends, And How Can I Find It?

League of Legends adopted a Tier type Ranked system in season 3 that has been tweaked several times since. But it was not always like that. In seasons 1 and 2, players were competing to reach highest ELO, that was representing their true MMR. The concept of MMR is still in the game, and you can often hear player wonder what is my MMR, or what is MMR in League of Legends altogether.

History of MMR

As a way to rank Chess players, MMR or Elo was invented. It has been used in many other games including basketball, American Football and scrabble. It is an integral part of the League of Legends ranking system. More on that later.

Differential between your League Rank and MMR
Each League of Legends player is assigned a hidden MMR. This is the most important aspect of your ranking up. The league system introduced in Season 3 displays your rank publicly. However, Riot only knows your true MMR.

Although it is unlikely, you may have a different MMR than your league rank. This could happen due to big wins, loss streaks, promotion matches, and decay shield.

Why is MMR important in League of Legends?

The current League system is divided into tiers. This shows your rank publicly but it is not responsible for your fluctuating League points (LP) gains. Your MMR will increase faster than your League rank if you are on a winning streak. This is due to restrictions such as promo matches. Your MMR would rise faster than your League rank. Additionally, you will start gaining more LP for each win. The same applies to loss streaks.

Average MMRAverage MMR for your Division is 18-22 LP/game

Your current rank has a higher MMR.- Your MMR is higher if you’re gaining more than 23 LP per win.

Lower MMR than your current rank- Your MMR is lower if you’re gaining less than 16 LP per win and losing more that 23. It is possible to fix it by winning streaks!

MMR is not shared among Queue types

Each League of Legends game mode has a different MMR. Your SoloQ rank doesn’t affect your FlexQ rank, and vice versa. The same applies to normal game modes, such as ARAM. Your normal game rank is not visible publicly, but it is determined using MMR. Riot will match stronger players if two people play 100 ARAM games and person A wins 40 games. Person B wins 60 games.

Normal Queue can be used to practice new champions or off-meta builds. However, it is believed that Normal games have an adverse effect on ranked MMR and LP gains. It is untrue. Normal games have no effect on normal queue MMR. You can only improve Soloq MMR by winning.

The way that new accounts are ranked was changed at the beginning of Season 11 Riot’s preseason. They are using normal game MMR to determine the starting point of the ranked MMR in order to ensure fair play at lower levels of competition. This applies only to accounts that haveNevernot been previously ranked. These accounts are currently rewarded with high LP gains. To create such an account, you should win as many games on an unranked account as possible with little losses. Before you can start playing ranked, aim to win at least 20 more games than loses.

Is DuoQ able to lower my MMR?

Contrary to popular belief, DuoQing with a friend of lower rank will not decrease your MMR. It will affect your MMR. It doesn’t matter what rank difference there is between yours and the average rank in the game, you will still earn some MMR as long as the game ends. It will still be less than what you would normally win. The same applies to losses.


Tom and Mark decided that they would play a few games together. Tom is a Gold 1 while Mark is a Silver 4. Their average rank is G4/S1. Riot will attempt to find players similar to them in the G4/S1 range to ensure that the game is even. What will this mean for their MMRs

Please note that the following numbers may not be true representations and have not been confirmed by Riot Games. These numbers are for illustration purposes only.

Both Tom and Mark will win some MMR if they win, but not the same amount. This is because Tom was playing below his normal MMR while Mark was playing higher. If
Mark typically gains 20 MMR per victory. This time, he will receive 25. Tom will now get 13 MMR, which is 12 less than his friend, even though he usually wins 20.

Here is where MMR and League Points differ. Their LP was the same regardless of whether they earned different amounts of MMR than usual.
Same. Tom’s MMR won’t be able keep up with his LP progress, so if they keep playing together, they will continue to win. Mark will benefit from it. He will gain more MMR with every victory, and his LP gains can’t keep up with it. They will eventually grow.

Losses are the same. The bottom line is that while one or two games won’t affect the rankings of each player, consistent playing will. Keep in mind that the greater the distance between your MMR’s, both of you will benefit.

What is the best way to increase my LP earnings?

Your hidden mmr league determines your LP gains. Your hidden MMR will determine how much you gain. The same applies to both sides. As we mentioned above, a lower MMR will result in less LP. You could be degraded if your MMR is lower than the average of your current division. To help keep your rank, you’ll be awarded demotion shield if your rank is in the last division.

How do I skip Divisions

You can skip divisions if your MMR is higher than your current rank. You don’t need to do anything else. The system will automatically promote you if your MMR is sufficient. It is impossible to go from Silver 2 up to Gold 4, or Gold 2 to Platinum 4, and vice versa. The rule of thumb is that if you’re gaining 27 LP per victory, it is likely you’ll skip a division at the next rank up.

Is decay a problem with my MMR in LoL

No. Your MMR will not be affected by your League of Legends rank. Your MMR will not change if you fall from your current rank to one lower than your actual rank. If a Diamond 1 player becomes Platinum 1, he will still play with his D1 teammates. To help him reach his original rank quicker, he will be gaining more LP. Master and above players have abused this method by degrading to Diamond and then resetting their LP gains following big losses.

Is my MMR affected by avoiding a game?

Dodging a game won’t have any effect on your MMR, just like the decays. You will notice an increase in LP gains if you are a frequent dodger. Your rank will be lower than your actual MMR. You can also avoid promotion matches between tiers to improve your MMR. You need to avoid promos and win until you reach 2/0. Then, repeat the process. Repeat this process many times to increase your LP gains.

Riot wants to keep MMR values secret from the public. However, there are many websites that attempt to calculate them. They can be very close to the actual MMR but we cannot be certain of the accuracy.

Go to the website and select the server where you want to play. Then, enter your summoner name.

You can also check the average ranks of your 20 most recent games to get an idea of your MMR.

How can I increase my MMR in League of Legends

Your Placement Matches are the best way to increase your MMR. Every player receives a soft reset at the beginning of each season. This is a great way to jump ahead of other players and get higher than those who were the same rank last season.

You will need to win more games than lose, and your MMR will increase. League of Legends doesn’t take into consideration your KDA, Kill participation or farming. You can improve your game and will win. MMR doesn’t care about wins or losses. So make sure you do your best every game to get those Ws! It might take some time for your MMR to heal. You could spend a lot of your time playing League Of Legends, so be patient.F

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