Where You Can Find Web Designers?

Here’s a list of places small business owners and entrepreneurs can find a professional web designer to create custom websites and projects.

Let’s suppose you have decided that hiring a professional web developer is the best way build and launch your site. Now, you need to find the best web designer for your business that can deliver your website on-time, within budget.

You can do a quick internet search for “web designer” and you will find millions of results. Web agencies and freelancers are all keen to showcase their skills and experience.

The truth is that professional web design has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the past decade and that barriers to entry remain low. You don’t need to have any qualifications to become a web designer. There’s also no group that can guarantee you that the person you trust with your website will be competent at their job. It is becoming more difficult to find a web designer who is competent. This means that it takes some time and effort. The good news is that you can win half of the battle if you know where to look.

Top Places to Look for Web Designers

Below are the top places to find a freelance web developer to create your website:


This is a great option for complicated websites that require a team of professionals designers and developers.

www.toptal.com can be a great place for large businesses and organizations to find top developers and Web designer in singapore to work with. Toptal is for people with a large development budget, typically $10k+. It also allows you to avoid the risk of hiring poor or cheap talent. Toptal provides you with a dedicated manager to assist you in finding the best talent for your business.

Every talent that is accepted onto the platform goes through a rigorous screening process. Their coding skills are checked, as well as their communication skills, professionalism, English proficiency, and English proficiency. Toptal also offers a free trial period to allow you to try out the talent. You can also choose to work alongside another talent if you are not satisfied.

This is the perfect tool for complex projects that require a team of web designers and developers. Toptal is not the right fit if you are looking for quick, affordable web design assistance. This platform is a good option if you need an experienced team to work on a long-term project.

Toptal: Why?

  • Complex/large projects
  • Hire top talent
  • Requires large budget
  • No initial fee
  • Bidding is not allowed
  • Candidates who have been pre-screened
  • High-quality work
  • Project failure rates are low
  • A dedicated manager
  • Satisfaction guarantee


Great for finding web designers via a design contest.

www.99designs.com has been a favorite place to find a web designer. You can host a contest with their web designers where you tell them what you want. The designers then compete to create the best design.

After all submissions are received, you can select the best design and then work with that designer on further editing or polishing it. 99designs charges a flat fee, which is great, but they also offer several packages that will fit your budget.

Expect a little extra work when you are going through feedback rounds with other designers. The lower priced packages will allow you to work with entry-level designer, while the more expensive ones will give you access to top-level design professionals. You will find a variety of designs at 99designs, so you can really find the designer you like.

You can also get business cards and logos to complement your website. See our complete review

99designs: Why?

  • A large selection
  • Host a design contest
  • Pick your favorite design
  • Affordable pricing
  • Four great small businesses
  • Receive various designs
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Diverse levels of talent
  • Great 4 logos, cards, etc


All your creative needs

crowdspring, like 99designs is a platform that allows you to submit a brief for a project and crowdsource a design. It also offers naming services, such as copywriting and design. It can also provide naming services (e.g., company names, product names, and taglines). Crowdspring offers a complete range of creative services and is an easy one-stop shop for anyone who wants to launch a brand or product.

The Silver package starts at $899 and includes approximately 25 designs. Focus groups/polls are also included to allow others to vote. You can upgrade to higher packages to limit your project to top-level design professionals only and get priority customer support. You can also buy add-ons to speed up turnaround times if you are short on time.

Crowdspring’s simple briefing process and the option to select from a variety of elements for the web page design (e.g. search bar, slideshow) were very appealing to us. Slideshow, search bar. We appreciated the transparency regarding the amount of the award given to the winner designer.

Why do crowdspring?

  • Services for design and naming
  • A large pool of creatives
  • Send a brief for your project easily
  • Receive multiple designs
  • Affordable pricing
  • Packages for Silver, Gold Elite, Platinum
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Transparency


This is a great option for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

www.codeable.io provides a great service to find a WordPress developer. This is a great service for any WordPress project, but especially for eCommerce development using WooCommerce, which is the most widely used shopping cart plugin for WordPress. Codeable developers are not required to bid on jobs like Upwork. This helps avoid the “race to the bottom” that is common with other freelancing platforms.

First, you will need to provide a detailed description about your project. Then freelancers will apply. The price is slightly higher than average bids. Codeable charges a 17.5% service fee to cover their 100% satisfaction guarantee and escrow services.

Like Upwork, freelancers must be interviewed and their work thoroughly evaluated before being allowed to work on Codeable. This gives you additional assurance that you will find a top-quality web designer for the project.

Why codeable?

  • #1 for WordPress
  • #1 in WooCommerce
  • Handpicked developers
  • Escrow system in place
  • Fair pricing estimates
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Skilled and experienced
  • Fantastic 4 themes & plugin developers


This is a great place to hire freelancers from all over the globe for various projects.

Upwork.com, a popular website that offers freelance services, allows you to post details about your project and receive bids from other freelancers. Although Upwork is completely free, freelancers and clients will be charged a small percentage of the total project cost once the freelancer has been hired. Upwork has access to a large pool of freelancers as well as remote teams worldwide. The platform makes it easy to hire:

Post a job detailing the scope and budget of the project, then wait for freelancers who are interested to bid for it. Upwork provides proficiency tests that verify freelancers are competent with certain skills. It also lists past clients’ feedback and ratings. Profiles include information about each freelancer, including their portfolio, skills and rate. Some freelancers may not pass the proficiency tests, and others may not have much experience or feedback. This is a great place to start, but it’s important to distinguish the wheat from the chaff in order to find the right web designer for your project.

What is Upwork?

  • Join & Post Projects Free of Charge
  • From small to large jobs
  • Large network of freelancers
  • A wide range of talents
  • Locally or globally, hire
  • Escrow system in place
  • Dispute Resolution in Place
  • Rating system & feedback
  • Based on the total job cost


Website packages at rock bottom prices

www.fiverr.com has been growing as a platform for all types of services. It is a platform that aims to help users find bargains, as you can see by the name. There is a large section dedicated to website development for any type of website system, including WordPress. They also have Squarespace and Wix website builders. Nearly by default, you’ll be geo-arbitraging because most freelancers come from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

They can offer lower prices than the typical US-based web developer because they live at a lower cost. However, communication can be more difficult due to differences in time zones and levels of English. Fiverr offers a star rating system that allows you to check the satisfaction levels of past buyers. Although it can be unpredictable, you will not lose much money even though the deal doesn’t work.

Why Fiverr?

  • Very affordable
  • Fixed-price Projects
  • It’s easy to buy
  • There are many freelancers
  • All major currencies accepted
  • Available in 6 languages
  • Fast turnarounds are common
  • Star-rating system


Ideal for eCommerce projects running on Shopify

www.storetasker.com has a slightly different approach to the other services that we have mentioned. It is 100% focused on Shopify. A network of Shopify experts has been vetted and must have a track record with the platform.

Their website claims that they have already handled more than 30.000 projects. You can either create a custom project, and then wait for applications to come in, or go to their marketplace to choose a predefined service (e.g. Speed optimization or establish an email marketing provider

They offer both buyer and seller security by offering Escrow payments as well as a satisfaction guarantee.

Why Storetasker?

  • Post your projects for free
  • Experts hand-picked
  • Marketplace offering fixed-price tasks
  • Experienced in ecommerce
  • Shopify 100%
  • Escrow system in place
  • Rating system & feedback

Envato Studio

This is a great way to hire freelancers from around the globe in a variety of fields.

www.studio.envato.com is another popular place for finding hand-picked freelance talent in a variety of fields from web design and development including WordPress sites, to graphic design and illustration, copywriting and content creation, voice-overs, video production and more. To find the perfect freelancer for your project, you can filter profiles by service type and budget.

You can also leave feedback and a rating for the web designer that you have hired. Similar systems are available on Upwork. After you submit your review, the freelancer will be able respond to your review. Review pages are available on the freelancer’s website. This makes it easier for you to find web developers that you feel comfortable hiring to build your site.

Why Envato Studio

  • Fast, cheap, and easy
  • Browse & pick talent
  • Four great small projects
  • Escrow system in place
  • Dispute Resolution in Place
  • Talent feedback & reviews
  • Locate local and global talent


All-in-one solution to local business websites

www.hibu.com provides a complete digital marketing solution for small businesses in the US. They create custom websites that are attractive, increase visibility online, and engage users. Hibu is more than a web design agency. They also offer complete marketing services.

This includes managing and growing your company’s online reviews, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising. This is a one-stop solution for building, launching, and maintaining your website. Your business will also receive 24/7 customer support that can help with any marketing or website questions. Hibu has created over 500,000 websites in the US for companies within the past 10 years. This makes Hibu a popular choice for people who are looking for a hassle-free alternative to a DIY website builder.

Why Hibu?

  • All-in-one solution
  • Local businesses based in the USA
  • Custom websites at affordable prices
  • Four great small businesses
  • SEO, SEM, and marketing
  • Dispute Resolution in Place
  • No freelance talent

Get Local! How to Find Local Web Designers and Companies in Your Area

Although freelance websites are increasingly popular, many entrepreneurs and business owners still prefer to meet face-to-face with the people or firms they hire to build their websites. Interviewing local companies first is a good idea if this is the case.

Local firms can be a great way to help community-driven businesses find new clients and increase awareness. A recommendation from a trusted business associate is often the best way to find the right web design or firm in your area. Here are some tips to help you find local web professionals within your area.

Talk to the people who do business with regularly. It’s possible that they have a web professional or an agency that manages their website.

Find the name of a web agency or professional from your Chamber of Commerce.

You can attend Meetups to meet other business owners or tech meetups in your locality. Ask for help on how to find the right person for your website building needs.

Online resources can still be used to locate someone in your area. You can browse the portfolios of local web designers by doing a Google Search. To find web professionals in your local area, search for “your town web designer” or “your community web developer”. Look at the websites they have already created and contact their clients to ask about their experiences with the web designer or company that built them.

If your business serves a particular niche, such as law practice or restaurant ownership, you can browse other websites to find out which web design firm or designer built their website. Web professionals who specialize in a specific business niche can be extremely helpful in building your website. They’ll also help you understand your business and help you reach your goals.

You can find a skilled freelance designer by searching specialized job boards such as Crop and Authentic Job. To search only the best professionals in your area, use the location filter.

You now know where web designers can be found. I want to help you prepare the right questions to ask your new hire. This will help you establish a good working relationship.

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