Why YouTube Is Essential For Businesses

Videos can help you differentiate your business from your competition online. YouTube is not just an entertainment website anymore. It has become an indispensable business resource. Your videos can provide new opportunities for small businesses that will make Fortune 500 companies jealous. YouTube can be used to create informational videos on how to use your new equipment, or training videos for staff members. It’s an easy and effective way of grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Here are ten reasons YouTube is an essential tool for small businesses:

Make the most of YouTube

2017YouTube reported having 1.5 billion users every month. Their research also showed that people spend over 1hr per day watching videos on mobile devices, such as their smartphones and tablets. YouTube is a great platform for small business owners, manufacturers, and retailers who want to promote their specialty products. Potential customers are attracted to demonstrations and instructional videos when researching a product. Many people find it easier and more efficient to watch short videos than read lengthy instructions or to study an article.

1. It’s free

YouTube is completely free, unlike radio ads and television spots. It takes effort and time to become visible on the internet. The medium can be leveraged to make a small start-up as viral as a larger brand. Videos can do that very quickly. Images and videos are the most popular and widely shared content on the internet. Users can simply click to re-post an image or video to their social media accounts. From there, it spreads like wildfire.

YouTube can be used for small businesses to increase your reach and marketability without any cost. YouTube is the most popular website for videos.your YouTube channelIt’s like having a second website, but without the need for hosting and maintenance.

2.Drive Sales

YouTube can be used by small businesses to promote products and services. This will help them gain more leads. YouTube videos can be a great way to refer people back to your website. Your video can be viewed by many people and optimized for sharing through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Each video will have keywords or tags that are specific to it. This will make it easy for people searching for your products and you via search engines.

It is also interesting to see that Google owns 70% of the search engine market. You can view images, maps, videos and more when you search on Google. Have you ever noticed how Google links every video to YouTube? It is a powerful medium for showcasing your products and generating leads from people who are in your target market. Here you can drive sales: https://getfans.io.

3. SEO

A YouTube Channel, as I said, is like having another website. It allows you to describe your company and products, and the services that you offer. You can also tag each video to make it more appealing to the right viewers. Tagging your videos forSEO purposesThis will allow you to be found in a general Google search.

Every SERP page includes results for video as well as regular articles. If you are selling “baseball cards”, the key phrase will be found in millions of searches, but for video it is limited to thousands. Your video title should contain your keyword, just like your blog articles. This allows search engines to index your video and your target audience can locate it.

4. Huge Audience

YouTube is very popular and has grown in popularity dramatically in recent years.A study has shown that 80% of respondents are satisfied with their current level of service.Every minute, YouTube uploads 300 hours worth of video! ButOnly 9% of small businesses in the United States use YouTube!There’s a huge market that’s available, but it is almost entirely untapped.

YouTube is a search engine similar to Google and Bing. It is used by viewers for tutorials, explanation videos and product reviews. Bycreating useful videos on YouTube for small business promotionYou gain access to a wider audience.

5. Product Support

You can provide videos to your customers that address the most common questions and problems they may have regarding a product or system. This will help reduce support costs for your company and give your customers the ability to solve their own problems. Educational videos can be a great way for you to connect with your customers and help them learn the future. Video tutorials on how to use your products are better than confusing directions pages on your website. You can also let them pause and watch as they assemble the product. All this is possible with no cost YouTube videos.

6. Training

YouTube can be used for many purposes.product training and employee training. A short series of training videos can save you tons of money on travel and materials if you have distributors and sales people in multiple states. Standardized videos can be used to ensure that all staff have access to the same information. It will also help you communicate your policy expectations. It will save you time and money, as well as money. It will be possible to train everyone simultaneously, so that they can get started faster and more efficiently. Upload your videos to YouTube, and your salespeople will have access. These videos can be used by both current and future employees to inform them about any changes or events in the business.

7 Engagement

Each video can be made available for viewers to view, comment and share. Your small business will have the unique opportunity to communicate with potential customers via your channel. Many viewers leave comments or questions about their suggestions. This feedback can be used to help you think of other topics that you could create to suit your viewers’ needs. You can also share your video via social media to increase its exposure and allow you to interact with others on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

8 Customer Testimonials

Avideo testimonial from an excited loyal customerIt can make a big difference. The simple act of posting testimonials to your website can help you find out who wrote them and whether they are authentic. Anyone can write. But with video, potential clients can see the real deal and hear it with their own eyes. Hearing about the successes and thoughts of current customers will motivate them to become customers. Your small business’ dedication to customers and the results they achieve can be demonstrated through testimonials. Your customer recommendations will increase in trust and authenticity, and you’ll be able to keep them for future market strategies. This is too valuable to be priced.

9  Insight

Each video that you upload will be acknowledgedYouTube offers free analytics dataThe Insight feature allows you to see statistics about views, demographics and community. Discover data shows you how people found your videos and the links they used to get there. You can also see how many people are viewing your YouTube player page, embedded videos, and mobile devices.

YouTube Insights, just like Google Analytics provides useful information about how your videos perform and what you can do to improve them. This will allow you to determine if your video marketing campaigns have been successful and where you should invest more.

10  Fun

A company video, whether it is a holiday message or just for fun, can boost morale. Small businesses are having more fun with video and their brand. These videos show that small businesses can be fun to work for, are easy to work with, as well as rewarding to do business. The smaller YouTube videos on the side highlight the human nature of the small business logo, and give a warm feeling for future business relationships.


Each reason could be covered in a blog post, or even a book. Your website is only one part of the online opportunities. YouTube is a great tool for small business marketing. It gives potential customers and existing customers the confidence that you are up-to-date and successful. Do not wait to build your website. Instead, grab your ipad or smart phone and get recording. Your small business marketing should be proactive!

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